Hi there!

You will find empowerment, education and engage in community with like-minded, results-based health enthusiasts who want to build the best versions of themselves in health, fitness and lifestyle.

Who Am I?

After two decades focused on business development, branding, and marketing for technology based firms, I realized my true calling and purpose to support others in their health and wellbeing. I am passionate about empowering health-seekers to reach optimal holistic health and fitness through natural, plant-based protocols. I collaborate with medical doctors, scientists and other health professionals to empower the lives of health-seekers globally, one redox molecule at a time!

Vision – Building wellness communities for those seeking personal ownership and responsibility in optimal health, fitness and lifestyle.

Mission – Inspire, educate and motivate health-seekers to achieve optimal health through movement and adopting simple habits.

What I do?

As a Certified Metabolic Fitness Coach, “Coach M” to many, I organize fitness events, online workshops across the globe, aligned with ASEA and ZYIA active wear. As drug-free athlete, I competed my first of 16 bodybuilding contests at 42 years old. I have earned 12 titles and trophies, including two first place, an overall title and recently a Gold Medal in powerlifting. After focusing on coaching students for the past five years,  I’m so excited to get back on stage!

In the midst of a 2020 global pandemic, I reLaunched my virtual gym called Online Metabolic Training “OMT!”.  I empower clients to improve blood glucose levels, release body fat, build lean muscle mass, and optimize their metabolic health.

We each have an innately amazing potential to biochemically impact the way our body responds to those messages (cravings). The body is a miracle, and when given the right raw materials, repair, rebuild and rejuvenate signals, and enough ATP energy; has the innate ability to heal itself. That said, we can influence gene expression (epigenetics) through lifestyle and metabolic shift.

Make Shift Happen Today!