Challenge Yourself

2021 Monthly Holistic Health Challenges (most are 30 Days)

April – Plank and Wall Sit
May – Meal Planning
June – Gratitude
July – Plant-Based
August – Affirmation Daily 30 days
September – Squats
October – Forgiveness
November – Break The Sugar Habit 14 days
December – Choose Joy!

More than ever, I have been inspired and blessed these past 12 months by collaboration in community through virtual platforms. Our circumstances sometimes break us or make us stronger. I have embraced the suck (as my friend Deni said recently in our team’s Facebook group)—turning lemons to lemonade and focusing on the positives.


The healthy habits formed from our virtual collaborations have manifested miracles and amazing affirmations, so I decided while I unplugged for our mini vacation that monthly challenges are a great way to level-up.


Facebook events, Zoom meet-ups, fun and health-focused collab’. Who’s in? Let’s connect!