What Is Redox?

I’ve been researching telomere repair and redox cell signaling technology since for years, listening to human performance and metabolic fitness experts, and expanding my mind about the potential of the human body to repair, rebuild and regenerate.

The human performance biotech I’m now partnered with is in 34 countries and planning to expand into more these next few years. I pray that with my sphere of influence globally, my team of health practitioners and elite athletic coaches will help 25,000 clients in the next 24 months with patented breakthrough technology. The ethos of those with whom I’ve aligned with is important to me if I am to lead from the front.

What’s The Redox Edge?

Nutrient-dense food, nutrition protocols and high impact nutraceuticals are foundational building blocks and raw materials that our bodies need to function optimally as cells repair, rebuild and regenerate.

According to 30,000 peer-reviewed biomedical articles, redox signaling molecules are the brilliant engineers, contractors and laborers in my metabolic “construction crew” that build my house (body) on the daily. In all living beings, redox cell signaling molecules are go beyond natural, they are native to the body and if we run out of redox we die in seconds.

EveryBODY needs redox!
Beyond puberty, we are all depleted, so it was a logical choice to “top off” my redox so that my body has the innate ability to build healthy, strong, resilient and metabolic flexibility to keep pace with the demands of daily life, my athletic goals, and to achieve peak performance!

ASEA Redox Overview


So honored and excited to share my testimony and my mom’s recovery progress at 93 (11 min)!

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