If it’s to be, it starts with me…

Here we go! New blog and resources site that so many of you have been asking me for.

Journey Versus Destination:

It was only after my first show on Nov 5, 2011 that I realized they gave out trophies at fitness competitions. LOL! I didn’t really care where I “placed”; only that everyone in my world witnessed my BOLD, COURAGEOUS steps onto a bodybuilding stage. My vision, prayer was to inspire others and offer them hope that if I can accomplish such a great goal, that anyone can! Through prayer, and what I now refer to as the #d6principle: dream, desire, drive, determination, dedication, and disciple. The rest seems simple.

CHAMPIONS string together little victories, sacrifice, endure physical and emotional pain, disappointment, financial investment, less time with family and friends, then face defeat from one contest after another. Statues and swords were never the reason or motivation to challenge my mental endurance, and raise my personal bar of achievement. It’s relationships and friendships (BB family) I’ve been blessed with that keeps me moving forward, and now witnessing my protégés journey toward the stage; that has expanded my vision toward the next level to please God by helping others to realize that they, too, can begin a personal journey toward improved health, fitness, and lifestyle.

Adrenal fatigue and pre-cervical cancer diagnosis in Summer 2003 was my bottom. I’ve been cancer cells free since 2008 after a lifestyle paradigm shift, then implemented a whole-body fitness approach in Spring 2009. God continues to call me out, expand my “stage”; His platform to work through me in His Kingdom purpose. Knees popping and creaky, C6-7 disc and other joint injuries, biceps tendon strain, stress, and anxiety-induced MVP (mitral valve prolapse), stopped me from living life. Heart murmurs feel like an extra heart beat when the ligament attached to my mitral valve doesn’t close and the blood back flows at times of intense activity. Now that my VO2Max is higher (cardiovascular efficiency), I can push, pull, lift heavier and go longer. A January 2014 recent rear-end collision set me back but now fully recovered, I’m in passionate pursuit of the next level of competition. Praise God for miraculous recovery!

As a Metabolic Fitness and Competition Prep Coach, I’m honored to share my time, talent and treasure, pay it forward to those in pursuit of optimal fitness, and aspiring athletes through Physiques Northwest and lifestyle clients through MOVE To Be Fit.

I am launching a new concept; a virtual studio where students can attend various group fitness classes online and have a trainer supervise or one-on-one personal training…different than video workouts, you’ll hear your name and form corrections as necessary. Also, THE book will be released this year. Yay!

VISION – Build wellness communities for those seeking personal ownership and responsibility in optimal health, fitness and lifestyle.

MISSION – Inspire, educate and motivate health-seekers to achieve optimal health through movement and adopting simple habits.